Chwan Terng Ind. Co., Ltd. is a professional building hand tools manufacture basic in Taiwan. In Taiwan we have a manufacture base in Taichung City, In  991 square meter warehouse we do assembly and storage.

And in another 991 square meter warehouse we do all kind's manufacture process.

We have complete manufacture process you can satisfy with our OEM serice , such as Aluminum casting, Plastic injection modeling, Steel pressing, CNC machining, welding, coating, etc...

Also we do sourcing wild range merchandise for trading as offer a better and complete service to our customers.

Such as Building Tools, Building materials,  Personal safety protection gear, Hand Tools, Home DECO goods, Bathroom hardware etc...

And we do have our own design department can offer 2D, 3D design and hand make samples.

About our branding:

Building Master:

As a professional brand for Tile tools, and trading with Building Master logo:



As a General brand for all of our products, and trading with CHWAN TERNG logo.

Welcome your inquiry us any time.